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For 30 years Mikomax has been looking after offices around the world. We design work spaces using our own and our customers’ experience. Modern technologies support the development of our products and the process of their production and disposal at the end of their life cycle. Our products are accessible, as we design them for users who have different needs but share one goal. The flagship products of Mikomax are: office phone booths, Hush acoustic solutions, ergonomic Stand Up desks and other modular office furniture.

Mikomax inspires and supports the process of searching for the right approach to a new office. The first step is to understand the challenges the organisation must face and reconcile this vision with the customer’s team. During this stage, we share the latest knowledge about working methods and interior design. We do our best to inspire, open and prepare the organisation for the upcoming changes. We present case-studies on how other companies coped with their challenges.

Next, we analyse, prepare an interior arrangement and a service offer. We review the customer's business context in detail and gather information on their current organisation of teamwork. During this stage, we encourage employees to share their good practices and preferences related to their working habits and the work place. In addition, we can run a qualitative analysis gathering data from the whole company to verify the assumptions we have previously made. This data will be used in order to draw up a proposal of interior arrangement and the scope of services to ensure efficient and effective implementation of the project.

It is essential that the workers are presented the new office and new solutions having an effect on their working habits. Every new element must be explained and requires a demonstration how to use it. Adjusting an ergonomic office chair or the height of a sit-stand desk may seem obvious, but for many people it is not. It is essential that workers can understand why it is worth changing their working habits – how it will affect their comfort, well-being and satisfaction with the effects of their work.

We keep in touch with customers and regularly check the condition of their offices – that is, their ability to adjust to subsequent challenges faced by the company or to changes of technology. Mikomax also takes care of the comfort of business passengers at railway stations. At present, freelancers and managers more and more often make use of public meeting places. This is fostered by the connections network, availability of car parks and, simply, time savings. We live on the go, often from meeting to meeting, and handle various matters during one business trip. In such situations a comfortable meeting place that is simple to use and ensures privacy comes in handy.

HUSHSPACE is an acoustic pod prepared for work in a comfortable and silent environment. It can be used for face-to-face business meetings as a comfortable sitting space with an option of connecting electrical devices. It is a perfect place in which a phone call or video call will not be disturbed by any sounds from the outside and in which you can isolate for the time you need to concentrate effectively.

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