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Since its establishment in 1872 Scheidt & Bachmann of Mönchengladbach in Germany evolved into a global business gaining excellent reputation. Its global success is determined by innovative prudence and awareness of customer needs. The company has had a many-years’ tradition of consistent long-term development planning. At present, Scheidt & Bachmann is one of the largest global producers of communication and traffic control systems. We are proud of our products which make communication systems throughout the world work and every day enable millions of people to reach their destination. Our full attention is focused on the needs of customers to whom we provide comprehensive, complete and, most importantly, dedicated solutions. We develop, produce and sell system subassemblies aligned with the infrastructure on site to meet all customer requirements. Our offer in the area of railway traffic control systems comprises complete solutions for railway line sections such as: compatible selection of equipment, service maintenance, uniform manner of service, central control and diagnostic units to enable problem-free work and operation of the system. At present, Scheidt & Bachmann has its representative offices in 15 countries, including one in Poland since 1997. So far, more than 4500 systems securing road and railway crossings were built in total and electronic interlocking systems ZSB 2000, including block signalling components, were put into operation on more than 100 railway stations. In addition, the company takes active part in the European project EULYNX aiming to standardize interfaces in Europe. About 3000 employees of Scheidt & Bachmann work on our solutions. We make use of the cutting-edge production technology based on IT, providing customized solutions.

BUES 2000 is the first system for controlling railway crossing equipment consisting exclusively of electronic subassemblies. A distributed computer system providing safe “two of two” structure on all sites and smart data bus CAN ensuring double transmission of information, create a structure enabling control of all processes such as: entering, processing, compiling and displaying data (also for the first time detailed diagnostic data for service purposes). Thanks to its modularity the system can be quickly adjusted to the requirements for controlling and service functions or railway crossing functions. All railway crossing facilities are fully electronically controlled. Since BUES 2000 system is compatible with both old and new subassemblies, it can be used on railway crossings on which previous versions of the system were installed.

The electronic interlocking system ZSB 2000, including block signalling components, is a compact system but at the same time it offers everything a modern railway traffic control system needs. A clear division between hardware and software and their modularity facilitate flexible and efficient selection of solutions both for primary and secondary lines, urban railways and industrial railways. The fully electronic interlocking system ZSB 2000 of Scheidt & Bachmann is designed for train traffic control according to applicable instructions and is approved for use in many countries.

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