NKN Usługi Kolejowe Sp. z o.o.


Transport | Maintenance

NKN Usługi Kolejowe Sp. z o.o. has operated as a railway carrier since 2006, providing its services throughout Poland. Its services include: 

  • freight and passenger transport
  • shunting services 
  • lease of diesel locomotives 
  • hire of skilled staff (train drivers, setters, and rolling stock inspectors) 
  • technical inspection and repairs of locomotives and railway cars and wagons. 

The company holds safety certificates parts A and B and is a licensed operator of railway passenger and cargo transport and traction services. It has SM42 and 401Da locomotives, own service maintenance facilities at the station Szczecin Gumieńce and a team of adequately skilled and experienced employees at its disposal. In addition to transport services, being its core activity, the company also provides services such as: development of complete logistics solutions in the area of railway transport, design of railway sidings, completion of construction projects, and complete sidetrack maintenance.

Contact details

ul. Firlika 20
71-637 Szczecin, Poland
tel.: +48 61 812 69 74

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