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65th anniversary of Pre-tensioned Sleepers Production Plant

The Pre-tensioned Sleepers Production Plant STRUNBET in Bogumiłowice, established in 1957, is a leading producer of pre-tensioned concrete sleepers and sleeper bearers and reinforced concrete crossing slabs for PKP PLK S.A. railway lines, industrial and narrow-gauge railways and for tramway infrastructure. Until the end of 2020 our Plant produced and put on the Polish market more than 14 million sleepers and more than 700 000 running metres of pre-tensioned concrete sleeper bearers.

Since 2004 we have formed part of Leonhard Moll AG Group based in Munich, associating manufacturers of pre-tensioned concrete sleepers in Germany, United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Croatia. We rely on the Group’s experience and know-how in the area of design, production and logistics, improving our products manufacturing technology.

High quality of our products is confirmed by: quality management certification according to ISO 9001-2015, quality management system approval (EC) certificates, national FPC conformity certificates, type approval certificates issued by the President of the Railway Transport Office, SMS-PW17 certificates of approval for use on PKP PLK S.A. lines and EC declarations of conformity of interoperability constituents, declarations of conformity to type and national declarations of performance.

We offer:

  • railway sleepers of PS-94, PS-83, PS-94S type (track gauge 1520 mm), PS-94M (bridges and engineering structures), SP-06a/K (arches with widened tracks) and railway sleeper bearers of Sp-06a type. The sleepers and sleeper bearers meet the requirements for high-speed railway lines
  • tramway sleepers of PT-99 and PS-15 type (track gauge 1000 mm) and sleeper bearers of SPT-06 type
  • for narrow-gauge railways (with rail spacing 1000 mm, 900 mm, 785 mm, 750 mm and 600 mm) – sleepers of PS-15 type.

Our offer for the railway and tramway market is supplemented by reinforced concrete slabs of CBP and EPT type and single-rail sleepers for overhead cranes.

For a complete range of our products visit our website at www.strunbet.pl

Contact details

Bogumiłowice 299
33-121 Bogumiłowice
tel.: +48 14 675 23 10

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