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GRAW Sp. z o. o. has provided equipment and systems for railway track and turnout diagnostics for over 30 years. The offered devices and measuring systems meet the requirements of EN-13848-1 and EN-13848-2. Track and turnout geometry measurements may also be carried out when loaded. The results of measuring the track geometry and turnouts also include the measurement of vertical and lateral wear of the rail head, waviness measurements, and elements such as a spike or frog in the case of turnouts. Geometry measurements can be supplemented by visual inspection allowing for automatic detection of surface defects of the rail head or the condition of rail fastenings to sleepers.

Examples of solutions of such systems are recently put into operation: the DPD-660 defectoscopic vehicle for geometric measurements and video inspection for PKP PLK, the Trakscan Cadd-e track gauge for the national PNR carrier in the Philippines, and the Trackscan MIRA 44 track gauge for the metro in Israel for detecting head defects check, which is of great importance in maintaining railway surfaces.

The task of the measuring system of the DPD-660 defectoscopic vehicle is to provide the necessary information to facilitate the assessment of the condition of the track and infrastructure in terms of operational safety. The operator, in the operating room, can use a specialized keyboard to enter information about the passed track objects. In the conference room, among others, a computer with a monitor and a laser printer for printing reports were installed.

Another vehicle put into operation in March 2022 is the Trackscan Cadd-e, a self-propelled vehicle for track geometry and rail wear measurements, equipped with a laser and inertial measuring system.

The Trackscan Mira eddy current track gauge, approved for use by DB Netz AG, allows for an assessment of the condition of the rails. The test is carried out simultaneously on both rails, per the EN 16729-2 standard. This track gauge can also be used to measure turnouts.

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