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November 9, 2020

sewage treatment plants, process automation

Technology description

The technology supports the work of mainly designers, technologists and operators of domestic, municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants. The server is used as a support system for a commercial sewage treatment plant simulator or as a module for a newly created one (on an individual request). In the case of complex, often highly non-linear, processes, computer simulations are used to determine the setpoints for the controlled process variables (the so-called operating point). Regardless of the wastewater treatment simulator used, periodic calibration of kinetic and stoichiometric parameters (coefficients) of the mathematical model is required

Advantages / benefits of using

Wastewater treatment plants are a complex system that includes a large number of various technological processes, such as wastewater transport processes, mechanical, physico-chemical and biological treatment processes.

For several years one of the tools routinely used in design and operation of wastewater treatment systems is becoming mathematical modeling. A properly formulated model allows, among other things, to reduce the time needed to test new technological solutions in actually existing wastewater treatment systems or to conduct simulation analysis in the area of ​​variability of operating parameters significantly exceeding the permissible operating conditions of a given installation. However, the main advantage of mathematical modeling is the ability to safely and quickly test any number of conceptual, constructive and operational variants

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