Create a professional Internet Press Office

Thanks to our wizard, you can create your own media information center in just a few simple steps.

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You will be able to publish, store and share your PR materials here with journalists: press reports, success story, press footer, logos, photos, videos, infographics and many more. If you want to use additional services, we will edit the necessary content for you, take photos, make videos (also with a drone), develop a logotype, and provide substantive and technical support.

Why is it worth it?

Advertising is undoubtedly a powerful marketing tool. However, in the modern world, less and less people pay attention to advertising. So they are more and more sophisticated and intrusive, there are too many of them and they create huge chaos. So as conventional advertising campaigns lose their branding power, more and more hope is placed in marketing public relations. PR includes activities that constitute an effective, although often underrated, marketing instrument. In addition, PR is perceived in the eyes of potential clients as an acceptable, less intrusive than advertising, form of self-presentation of the company.

Therefore, we offer you the preparation and launch of the Internet Press Office, i.e. e-PressKit modules. It is a basic PR tool that can also be successfully used in everyday marketing and advertising activities. The website enables easy access to information, professionally prepared multimedia and interestingly designed infographics.

With a little effort, the media will write about your activities themselves; however, they must have free access to the necessary information, ready-made articles, professional photos, videos etc. Professional preparation for contacts with the media is appreciated by journalists as it makes their lives easier and simplifies their actions.

We know from experience that journalists would be happy to mention your company in their materials in the context of a specific topic, however, fearing that they will run into problems with obtaining photos or interesting information, they get discouraged and give up. They work under time pressure and don't want to waste time explaining the resolution in which they need photos.

Additional services

We are happy to prepare the necessary content for you:

  • company's success story
  • company profile
  • press footer
  • product and service description
  • management board biographical notes
  • li>
  • specialist articles
  • news
  • logotype in different versions
  • infographics, tables, charts
  • portraits of the board
  • photos and videos of employees at work
  • photos and videos of the headquarters, factory hall
  • photos of products, so-called pack-shot
  • movies from the drone in cinema quality 5.2K

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