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Quixi Media specializes in creating and promoting a positive image of enterprises, organizations, institutions, entire industries, professional and social groups, as well as cities and regions. For this purpose, we use publishing activities, elements of narrative marketing and modern communication techniques. We help to create the right relationship between our clients and the environments on which their success depends.

Every day, we treat our market partners with honesty and respect: customers, partners, employees, and the local community. We work with enterprises, chambers of commerce, government institutions and local governments throughout Poland.

Our clients are both corporate giants (LOTOS, PGE, PGNiG, TAURON, ENERGA, ENEA, PSE, STRABAG, MOSTOSTAL, ABB, PESA) as well as hundreds of companies from all over Poland.

We have been trusted by over 1,000 customers so far!

What we offer?

The services we offer combine the activities of an advertising agency, public relations agency, publishing house, photo studio, editorial office and printing house.


Company success story and other professional communication materials


Specialized articles, descriptions and biographical notes


Publications, albums and promotional publications


Films and photographic materials

We are happy to prepare the necessary content for you:

  • company's success story
  • company profile
  • press footer
  • description of products and services
  • biographical notes of the board
  • li>
  • specialist articles
  • news
  • logotype in different versions
  • infographics, tables, charts
  • portraits of the board < / li>
  • photos and videos of employees at work
  • photos and videos of the headquarters, factory hall
  • photos of products, so-called pack-shot
  • movies from the drone in cinema quality 5.2K

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